lunedì 8 giugno 2015

Fashion♂ ♀ 450

#Look# 450
Maitreya Mesh Body - 
[the Skinnery] Quiana - Bare face(ebony)
.~Tableau Vivant~ Pretty reckless II  - B+W
AsHmOoT_Jeans Coll_Female Sheredded MiniShorts #01 [BOXED]
AsHmOoT_SS Coll_Lana Wool Top/ IR [WEAR TO UNPACK]
AsHmOoT_SS Coll_Fringe Ankleboots/ B [WEAR TO UNPACK]
AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_Fringed Bag/ Bsg [WEAR TO UNPACK]
-CH- Hyacintha Poses 

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